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Source code

Version Released tar.gz tar.bz2
frox-0.7.18 2005-02-04 219K 170K
frox-0.7.17 2004-11-05 217k 168k
frox-0.7.16 2004-11-03 217k 168k
frox-0.7.15 2004-08-12 217k 168k
frox-0.7.14 2004-05-09 213k 166k
frox-0.7.13 2004-01-30 202k 157k
frox-0.7.12 2003-11-28 200k 156k
frox-0.7.11 2003-09-13 200k 156k
frox-0.7.10 2003-09-12 199k 156k
frox-0.7.9 2003-09-02 199k 155k
frox-0.7.8 2003-05-17 197k 153k
frox-0.7.7 2003-04-05 195k 152k
frox-0.7.6 2002-09-26 193k 151k
frox-0.7.5 2002-08-26 177k 139k
frox-0.7.4 2002-05-14 176k 138k
frox-0.7.3 2002-05-04 176k 138k
frox-0.7.2 2002-04-24 175k 138k
frox-0.7.1 2002-03-29 167k 132k
frox-0.7.0 2002-03-15 167k 132k



rpms for SuSe can be downloaded from here.


Debian packages exist for frox in the debian stable, testing, and unstable archives, so a simple "atp-get install frox" should do the trick.


Frox is in the BSD ports collection. Binaries and source are also mirrored on this site.

Old Development Snapshots

frox-20020304 (bz2)

frox-20020219 (bz2)

frox-20020206 (bz2)

frox-20020106 (bz2)

frox-20011207 (bz2)

frox-20011202 (bz2)



frox-20011022 (bz2)

Unintegrated Patches

The following patches are by other people and have not yet been integrated. This may be because I haven't had time, or because I haven't decided how/whether to put a particular feature in the main codebase

A patch by Vladimir Ivaschenko against 0.6.7. Force frox to change ports to be within the appropriate port range even when doing transparent data proxying.

A patch by Oliver Teuber against frox-20011207. Allow user to specify a specific IP address for frox to use for outgoing connections.

Really old versions

frox-0.1, frox-0.2, frox-0.3, frox-0.4, frox-0.4.1, frox-0.5, frox-0.5.1, frox-0.5.2, frox-0.5.3 frox-0.6.0 frox-0.6.1 frox-0.6.2 frox-0.6.3 frox-0.6.4 frox-0.6.5 frox-0.6.6 frox-0.6.7

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