This page may give you some useful NOTAM information, but don't rely on it. The English notams are valid from 04 MAR 2021 08:00 - 05 MAR 2021 08:00, and the Scottish notams are valid from 04 MAR 2021 08:05 - 05 MAR 2021 08:05 (all UTC). Only NAVW and RAC Notams are plotted. To save clutter Notams with a radius of over 100nm have not been plotted. There are 9 of these and they can be viewed here.

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If you want the map centred on your airfield, enter either its name or its latitude and longitude (eg. "51.4,-2") in this box and press return. If you want a bookmarkable link with your airfield at the centre of the map, type it into the box above, then click here instead of pressing return. Here is a full list of airfields.

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